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By Billy Campbell

Moonlight is the true, compelling story of  Billy Campbell, who endures a childhood of being a victim of abuse, bullying, and molestation, which leads to alcoholism,  substance abuse, and the victimization of others. 

With vivid detail, Campbell brings readers into his story of hard, life lessons. Readers travel the road with a hardened kid to the salacious world of illegal drugs and pornography while being captivated along the way by mesmerizingly honest accounts of alliances and confrontations with gangsters, mobsters, and even the Black Panthers.

So emboldened, Campbell challenges the legal system, the military, and the police, finally spinning so out of control that he lands in the notorious Leavenworth Prison for eight years.  Campbell’s life comes full circle when he goes through a spiritual awakening, while in prison, that begins his road to redemption. This redemption leads him to an unexpected career path.

Campbell’s story is told in hopes of reaching others who are lost like he was and to possibly inspire them to change their ways and ultimately their life. 

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