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People’s Choice Award  Winner January

Kineh Gaojia 
Actor, Model  
& International Recording Artist

Kineh _award.png

Acting and Modeling Career
Kineh has done several photo shootings and runways in New York, North Carolina, Texas, Chicago and Atlanta, Georgia.  His astonishing talents and performances are evident to many producers and agencies he has worked for.  He is known for dedication and eager involvement in becoming the next prominent Actor and Model in the entertainment industry.  
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One of his first stage performances was as Joseph Asagai in “The Raisin in the Sun”. He was applauded in the Charlotte, NC newspaper as an astonishing newcomer. 

Some of his other most known roles has been Shankman in the movie “Tangled and Twisted”, a Police Officer in the movie “Ten” with Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was also a featured extra on the upcoming movie “Last Vegas” starring Morgan Freeman, Robert DeNiro, Michael Douglas and Kevin Kline.  Kineh was also casted as Tevin in the upcoming NBC show “Mind Games”.  He was featured as a martial artist in the upcoming movie “Suns of Light”. When he moved to Atlanta, Georgia, he quickly landed into an audition at the Tyler Perry Studios and several other notable producers in the entertainment industry. 

Kineh spent majority of his time immersed in his acting career but, he always returned to his first love; music. He believes that music is the fabric that binds the world together. He even recalls going days and nights without food and relying on music to feed his soul. His goal is to use his music to uplift the world and bring light to his birthplace Sierra Leone. The people of Sierra Leone are resilient, and he prays that with the success from his music he can help make Sierra Leone better. 

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