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 I know the story of how you got on Greenleaf, can you share with my audience.


I was in a dark and lonely place after losing my club and restaurant in 2015. I did some reflecting and soul searching. Once I realized that I wanted to pursue my purpose of creating opportunities for others to follow there passions, I said to myself wanted to utilize the arts and entertainment to do so.


I ran across a posting for background and extra work on a TNT project. I sent in a photo I took on my iPad and they hit me back a few days later. As a matter of fact, it's 3 years ago this month when everything happened for me. So, as I attended the 1st shoot I was instantly hooked to the entire filmmaking process. I began networking and one project led to another.


Within two weeks of starting my acting career, I found myself on the set of Greenleaf as a waitstaff extra at Oprah's character Mavis's bar. I didn't know she was going to be there or even on the show. We did the scene a few times and she turned to me and started conversing with me. Two of the questions being, "Sir, what's your name?  And "How long have you been acting?" So I told her my name and that I've been acting for two weeks. Oprah started laughing. I was unsure what that meant at the time, but we soon found out by the end of that first day on set of Greenleaf.  They ended up bumping me up to a co-star role with her on the Series.  I couldn't be more honored and grateful for the blessing and opportunity. 



Julian Brittano

from extra to cast

regular on OWN Network Greenleaf

How is it working with Oprah Winfrey?


To have the opportunity to work with such a diligent and in spring person like Oprah has truly been game changing for me on a few levels. I am now able to have the platform and positioning to impact lives of so many people in many cities and even countries. Oprah really rolled the dice on me especially as a new comer with no acting experience with the exception of a play I did many years ago for fun. So I spend a great deal of time looking for opportunities to pay it forward with others in their quest.

You’ve gone through a couple of reinventions. Who are the people that have had the greatest influence on you?


During my personal and now business reinvention, the most influence on me have been from my wife, who has been there rocking out from the beginning. My mom, who has been a huge support with helping me with my son while I'm in many transitions one being my travel schedule. I would have to say obviously Ms. Winfrey as well as other individuals and production companies that have given me an opportunity to represent their visions and projects. Some Acting and writer friends have been supportive as well as many others i have encountered over the last three years. 

What’s you best piece of advice for those breaking into the entertainment world?  


 Word of advice to any and all newcomers, stick to your plan. Meaning you have to have one in the first place.  Know what you want out of the industry and who benefits from you attaining those goals. Make sure it's circular in growth, so others can rise too. Everything else will follow if you place others at the forefront of your quest. 



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