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Chantae Cann

Jazzy & Soulful


How do you describe your genre?

I tend to describe it as (Neo) Jazz with hints of Soul, R&B and world music influences.


I’ve had the privilege of seeing you perform. Your energy is transformational. What do you hope the audience takes away when they come to your show?

Thank you!  It's always my prayer that my audience leaves inspired, uplifted and encouraged.  More so, empowered to find purpose and freedom while exposed to atmosphere that invokes sunshine & creativity.

Chantae Cann is the charismatic influence with a voice that transcends through time. With the release of her debut album "Journey to Golden" in March 2016 at #1 on the iTunes Jazz Charts and #7 on the Jazz Billboard Charts. 

Chantae Cann’s second studio album (Sol Empowered) released on October 13, 2017 earned the #8 spot on the Jazz Billboard Charts.

Influences like Bobby McFerrin, Haitus Kyote, Chaka Khan and countless others help shape the sounds that you hear throughout her music. Chantae’s music blends the exploratory sounds of Jazz with the feel good vibes of Soul, which makes for a mixture that is quite enticing. It is her heart’s desire to simply inspire, uplift and encourage the lives of others through music.

Sol Empowered finds the artist in a positive space, as Ms. Cann states she has most recently been inspired in the areas of knowing, valuing and appreciating her own self-worth, and she desires to motivate others to do the same.

Sol Empowered further solidifies Chantae’s signature sound while referencing the comforting sounds from her first album, Journey To Golden. Lyrically, this is a love letter from Chantae to her listeners with an in depth look at her evolution as an artist, and most importantly who she has come to be as a person. Sol Empowered is intentional and deliberate, yet free-spirited.  

Chantae is not a novice to the industry. She has been blessed to travel the world as a background vocalist (10+ years) with P.J. Morton, Gramps Morgan, and most notably India Arie. She’s had the tremendous honor of collaborating with artists/bands such as, Snarky Puppy, Jonathan McReynolds and The Foreign Exchange. (

If you could do a project with anyone living or ancestral who would you choose? 


Quincy Jones.

You’re currently doing the Kia Soul tour. What’s next for Chantae Cann?

The Kia Sol Empowered Tour has been keeping us pretty busy!  Looking forward to LA, Essence Fest & London this summer, and of course always making room for more music...

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