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Ms. Chatiela Underwood is a native of Dayton, Ohio. She is an ambitious single mother of two beautiful blessings. Chatiela, is a product of Trotwood Madison Schools, and a High School Graduate of Paul Laurence Dunbar High School. Ms. Underwood Graduated from Central State University, with a Bachelor of Art, in Political Science, with a focus on Criminal Justice. Chatiela also holds a master’s degree in Public Administration (MPA) obtained from Capella University.

Ms. Underwood is a former radio personality Co-host, and Producer of Rise to Shine Radio, Elohim & Kim, and Authors Supporting Authors. Chatiela is the CEO of Courage Ink LLC a publishing organization focusing on awareness books with a message to expose, inspire, and motivate change and survival.

She is an active member of her community. Ms. Underwood is passionate about the benefits of Education and enjoys her travels as a motivational speaker. Ms. Underwood believes in sharing her testimony to motivate and inspire the lives of others. Chatiela is proud to present her debut novel, “Eyes Wide Shut!” A Courage Ink Publication. It’s a critically acclaimed story of military love, and mental illness.

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Underwood shares a story based on true events that spotlight the life of a soldier exhibiting difficulty in adjusting to civilian life, signs and symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and the emotional strain it has on families as a whole.

Enjoy, more than 45,000 words of raw emotion, drama, and suspense as the story of Storm and Carter captivate the lives of its readers. Eyes-wide shut is coming to various bookstores, and online retailers and is also in script development for movie formatting. 

“You can’t press pause on this thing called life, not even if you wanted to…”

-Chatiela Underwood

To schedule her for bookings please visit www.ChatielaUnderwood.Com

Facebook: @AuthorChatielaUnderwood

Instagram: @Chatiela_Underwood

LinkedIn: @Chatiela Underwood

Pinterest: @Author Chatiela Underwood

Twitter: @ChatielaU

Amazon: @ Eyes Wide Shut Chatiela Underwood

Website: www.ChatielaUnderwood.Com

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