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Robert Turner

My name is Robert Turner and I absolutely love to write. I am born and raised in New York City, Queens specifically. I grew up writing poetry. In High school, I actually used to write love poems for my friends to give to their girlfriends. Sorry guys. 

I came to realize that as I got older, I continued to have an "imagination" to where I could write and create a story so that the child could relate to the character. 

He is a father of an amazing son and a beautiful daughter and knows a thing or two about what peaks a child’s interest. He enjoys spending time with family as well as diving into his world of imagination to create an adventure for children to enjoy.

This book will take your child on an amazing adventure. At the same time, they will be given some ideas on what they want to be when they grow up. This book is a great way to get their imagination going .
This book will help your child build confidence. They will see that it's normal to be nervous before they attend school. This book will show them that it is alright to meet new friends.

Both books are available digitally on amazon and itunes. Physical copies can be purchased on amazon and for large orders, I can be contacted directly for a better rate. 

347 246 1045

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